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Chanco Project

Reclaiming Heritage e.V.

Wrangelstraße 48, 10997 Berlin



Reclaiming Heritage e.V. is a registered association in the Amstgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg

Register number: VR 33597 B

Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin

Tax number: 27/676/51074

If you are thinking about joining us and our work, and have further questions, please feel free to contact us under


If you want to support our work or even join us and help us with your expertise, ideas or workforce, these are your possibilities:


Donate! As we are an approved non-profit organization, donations to Reclaiming Heritage e.V. are  tax deductible according to German regulations. To donate click here to go to our campaign


Become a member! If you want to support us on a regular basis or join our work, there are two different kinds of membership. Here is a quick description:


Sustaining member: This is basically a way of annually donating a certain amount of money to us. Sustaining members don’t have the right to vote, so you won’t have any influence on decision making processes. You decide your annual membership fee.


Full member: Full membership gives you full rights in the association. You can participate in our work and you have the right to vote in our assemblies, so you can actively take part in the decision making process. The annual fee for full members is currently 30 €.


If you choose to become a member, you can download the form here, fill it in, scan it and send it back to or to our postal address on the left. And to know exactly what you are signing, you can find our statutes in German here or in English here. It will take you five minutes to read them once before signing.

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